BM 2019 Gate Opens in ...

Camp SPF had a great year on the Esplanade!  

Our location in 2019 at 3:30 and Esplanade − our second year in a row on the Esplanade − was a banner year!  Improvements to our camp and village 'curb appeal' included improved lighting, a top-shelf menu bar, music, and even more awesome flame effects!  During the day, Camp SPF's Sunscreen Station provided healthful sunscreen to all BRC citizens and we provided lighting, shade, kitchen facilities, ice, portos, water, and gray water disposal for camp and village members.  At night, Camp SPF rocked to DJs and dancing while the artful frontage and internal infrastructure defined us as a village.  Syncytium's powerful flame effects left even our own village members in awe!  We expanded to include seven camps in the village which allowed us to offer a variety of activities, both day and night.  The abundance of flame effects was warm, welcoming, and powerful and our frontage became a place to meet and hang out.  Camp SPF and Lakes on the Playa Village became a 'destination' for playa travelers looking for warmth and burner spirit.

The playa (for real!) wedding of Thunderhawk and Kiri showed us just how much love and friendship we have in our playa family.  The event brought joy and tears of happiness to all and was, without question, the highlight of 2019.