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Welcome to Camp SPF for Burning Man 2019 - Metamorphoses

We are excited to spend our 13th year together on the playa.  Our camp has grown into a thriving village that offers healthy sunscreen in the day and large scale fire art and a top-shelf bar at night.  Our goal is to provide a great playa experience for the citizens of Black Rock City.  Oh, and we'll throw in a few parties just to spice things up.  Our camp is a 'no-drama zone' made up of caring, considerate, diverse, and talented people.  In 2016 we 'villaged up' with Syncytium who added a lot of fire, energy, and great burner spirit!  In 2017, The Secret Gentlemen's Club joined us to add some much-needed class to our new village, Lakes on the Playa.  2019 is shaping up to be an awesome year!

   You'll need to register to request full access to the camp's website.  Select "Create an Account" from the Login Menu on the left.  Provide the required information and add a few words about yourself.  When your request is approved, you'll be able to log into Camp SPF from this page.


      Follow the 10 Principles while you're here and remember − Safety Third! 

                Photo by Photosheik               

                       Photo by Photosheik