BM 2019 Gate Opens in ...

278 Days,

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Lakes on the Playa Village and Camp SPF have been placed for 2019!  We're located at 3:30 and Esplanade!  More fire, activities, and burner fun planned this year!


We stepped up in 2018 and did the deed! 

Our location at 9:45 Esplanade called for us to up our game and meet the challenge of being located near some 'big name' camps like Opulent Temple and others in the prime neighborhood of the 9:00/10:00 sector.  From increasing our camp security and infrastructure to going all out on our 'curb appeal', the village nailed it!  During the day, Camp SPF's Sunscreen Station provided healthful sunscreen to all citizens.  At night, Camp SPF's Dome rocked to DJs and dancing while the artful frontage and internal infrastructure defined us as a village. Syncytium's awesome and powerful flame effects left even our own village members in awe!  The abundance of flame created an attraction that was warm, welcoming, and powerful in burner spirit.  The Secret Gentlemen's Club created a high-class drinking establishment along with gentrified sports activities, proving that 'gentlemanly' class will always show -- even in the dust.

Lakes on the Playa Village became a 'go to' place on the playa in 2018!  Wherever we get placed in 2019, Camp SPF and Lakes on the Playa Village will rock the playa again!


campspfsign_2.jpg  front_1.jpg  dome_3.jpg

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