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Camp SPF MOOP Plan

Version 1.2.2   9 Apr 2017

MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)


    1.  trash, debris, costume bits, food wrappers, hair, sequins, etc.
         "She saw MOOP laying on the Playa"
     2.  discarded items of value but with no apparent owner
          "His abandoned bicycle was just MOOP after Exodus"

     1.  to discard by MOOPing; intentionally or unintentionally allowing material to go               astray  
          "Repeated MOOPing resulted in them not being invited back to camp"

     1.  The state or property of being MOOP-like
          "The Sparkle Pony's MOOP mentality was not appreciated."

Our Pledge:  The Camp SPF family is committed to the principles of Leave No Trace, both on and off the playa.  This commitment is achieved by developing a high level of Leave No Trace awareness among camp members well in advance of Burning Man and by closely monitoring our MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) generation during all the awesome distractions found in Black Rock City.  Camp SPF's contribution to the citizens of Black Rock City is providing sun screen protection to one and all. Our contribution is, fortunately, not a major MOOP generator but we accept that MOOP left behind by patrons at the the sunscreen station is our responsibilty.

Our Approach:  To support Camp SPF's full participation in LNT principles, the Camp SPF Mayor will appoint a Shower Czar, Camp Counselors, and a Camp SPF MOOP Master in early July to begin LNT education and to assist camp members in their planning activities. The Shower Czar monitors camp shower use during our week at home and encourages proper disposal of shower grey water by members. The Camp Counselor for the day monitors generation and disposal of grey water and food waste from cooking and kitchen activities, and the general MOOP status of the camp. The MOOP Master provides encouragement, education, and general coordination of MOOPing activities before, during, and after Burning Man. The MOOP Master or a designated alternate will evaluate the effectiveness of Exodus activities to ensure the playa is restored to a pristine condition.

Our Plan:  Camp SPF believes that the best approach to preventing MOOP is through early education in LNT Principles and by never allowing MOOP to touch the ground. Our MOOPing efforts will include the Sunscreen Station and surrounding areas, wherever our station happens to be located.

To execute our MOOP Plan, we focus on:

  • 1.  Preventing MOOP from reaching the playa through:

    - re-packaging items before departure for the playa

  • - avoiding glass containers on the playa
  • - creating MOOP-free camp structures

  • - evaluating camp equipment and materials for potential  MOOP sources

  • - highlighting BMORG public service announcements about  MOOP initiatives

  • - publishing MOOP tips in a dedicated website forum and promoting MOOP discussions on the
  • website

  • - encouraging MOOP awareness for smokers

  • - encouraging playa MOOPing by providing personal MOOP bags for use while out and about
      on the playa

  • - early education about common MOOP problems for Camp SPF virgins via the Camp SPF
  •   Facebook page and the website:

    - no feathers!
    - no wood chips!
    - no astroturf!
    - no glitter!
    - no styrofoam!
    - proper grey water disposal!
    - no ciggie butts!
    - no glass!

  • 2.  Maintaining a MOOP-Free camp during the Burn Week through:

    - performing periodic MOOP assessments of Camp SPF areas made during the week by the
      mayor, MOOP Master, and camp volunteers

  • - conducting briefings during group meetings during the week by the MOOP Master on camp
  •   MOOP status

  • - conducting periodic line sweeps after breakfast (to include the Chill Dome and Sunscreen
  •   Station

  • - briefing designated MOOP procedures for kitchen activities

  • - regular burn runs for approved clean materials made by designated people

  • - on-going manufacture of MOOP Bricks (empty gallon water jugs stuffed with reduced trash)

  • - maintaining 'Entry to Exodus' ownership of all potential MOOP by attaching names to kitchen
  •   gear, bicycles, chairs, common-use items, etc.

  • - reminding arriving camp members about the need to catch oil drips and greasy debris from
  •   vehicles before it hits the Playa

  • - reminding camp members what is approved (and what is not) for disposing or treating
  •   gray water (deprecated) and unused clean water

  • - indoctrinating Camp SPF Virgins in the practical aspects of MOOP-free living

  • 3.  Following aggressive 'Pack-It-Out' practices during Exodus through:

    - checking designated areas for 'owned' and 'ownerless' items for pickup or proper disposal
  •   during Exodus

  • - overseeing activities througg designated monitors during camp breakdown and pack out

  • - frequent MOOP sweeps by Stay Behinds and stragglers as tents and structures are cleared

  • - using rakes after the camp empties out on Exodus Monday to uncover buried MOOP

  • - monitoring by the MOOP Master during breakdown of common 'hot spots' such as kitchen,
  •   Sunscreen Station, and shower areas

  • - using any 'extra' room in departing vehicles to pack out trash, grey water, and other MOOP

  • 4.  Monitoring activities during Exodus:

    - monitoring vehicle and trailer load-outs so that no MOOP or equipment is lost along the highway
  •   prior to proper disposal

  • - reminding members of authorized disposal sites along the routes leaving the Playa (as
  •   publicized by BMORG)

  • - conducting a final MOOP sweep by stay-behinds and MOOP Master as the last vehicle leaves
  •   the Camp SPF site

  • The love we show for the Playa is returned a thousand-fold!