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Mayor's note on new CampSPF Membership Policy for 2014:

CampSPF has become a special place on the playa.  As a result, we’ve grown in size as our reputation as a great camp has spread.  I’ve been looking for ideas this past year about how to make sure our camp stays as good as it’s been the last few years and about ways to make it better.  I’ve spoken with many people in and out of our camp, including other camp leads and burners that have been in larger and smaller camps.  

One common bit of feedback I’ve received is that if camps get too big, the members don’t have as much opportunity to get to know each other and inevitably become disconnected from each other.  Larger groups tend to break up into smaller groups.  Most people seem to feel that 45 to 50 people is about the maximum number of people before things start to fragment and fall apart.  

For that reason, I’m capping the camp size at 45 people and our nomination process has been changed to reflect our new size limit.  Yes, this is fewer people than last year but I feel that this is necessary for the general health of our CampSPF.

If you would like to nominate someone new to join us at CampSPF, please feel free to send me a PM and let me know.  I will keep a list of possible new campers and will offer them space after all returning CampSPF members have been given the chance to sign up or pass on camping with us this year.   Please read our membership policy which explains the approval process.

If your nominee for membership is accepted, you will be responsible for this new camper – including getting them ready pre-playa through education about Leave No Trace, Burning Man Survivor's Guide, and the 10 Principles.  If you have questions about what the expectations are for prospective members, please contact any of the CampSPF leads for more detailed information.  When a new camp member is accepted, your first job as a sponsor will be to encourage them to tell the rest of us a little bit about themselves in the forum in the CampSPF Virgin Profiles section.  It is important to remember that Virgins will need your guidance in what to bring, what to expect, and how to successfully interact with the camp.

Note:  Participation by new members in LNT, the Sunscreen Station, and the 10 Principles is expected from Day 1 so sponsors should concentrate on those areas of education.  Every new member, as a minimum, should volunteer for at least one day as a Camp Elf and participate enthusiastically in Leave No Trace activities (moop walks, etc). 

CampSPF is not a "plug and play" camp.  It will be what we make of it and your participation is what makes it so awesome.  If you focus on what you can give instead of what you will receive, your camp experience will exceed your wildest expectations.