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CampSPF Volunteer Position Descriptions
CampSPF needs your help to be awesome!
Here is a list of the CampSPF volunteer positions and a description of what they do. 
MOOP Master (1) - The camp MOOP Master energizes the camp’s MOOP prevention measures and coordinates the camp’s activities during the Burn Week. The MOOP Master provides encouragement and tips during camp meetings and points out areas where MOOPing efforts have fallen short of the goal. During the burn week, the MOOP Master keeps the Mayor informed of potential trouble areas and addresses individual MOOP problems with the individuals involved. The MOOP Master performs (or delegates) a final MOOP inspection after the camp is packed up and leaving the Playa. Guidance for MOOP Master activities is provided in the CampSPF MOOP Plan, which can be found on the website.

Shower Czar (1) — The Shower Czar monitors the shower area for proper use in accordance with the principle of Leave No Trace. The Shower Czar makes announcements during camp meetings to provide feedback to the camp on compliance with shower guidelines. The Shower Czar monitors the shower daily throughout the week to see that campers continue to dispose of their gray water and remove personal items from the shower area. If gray water is left in the shower area, the Shower Czar may call out offenders for public roasting and razzing during camp meetings. If repeated violations occur, the Shower Czar, in consultation with the Mayor, has the authority to close the shower for the duration of the burn week.

Ice Queen (1+) — The Ice Queen (and helpers) coordinate daily runs to Artica for ice requirements. Campers who want ice must provide exact change to the Ice Queen in advance of the run. Details as to when and how the ice run is made are determined solely by the Ice Queen. Campers who request ice must be present to collect their ice immediately on return from Artica. The Ice Queen will donate all unclaimed ice to the camp or to more deserving campers. Campers who fail to treat the Ice Queen with the reverence and respect due to royalty will find themselves ice-less until sufficient tribute, as specified by the Ice Queen, has been made. Ice Queen is a gender neutral position and carrying a scepter is optional.

Camp Elf (6 per day) — Camp Elves are the heart of CampSPF! A Camp Elf is a Sunscreener and also serves as a Kitchen Elf if needed. All camp members are expected to volunteer as a Camp Elf. In their Sunscreener role, Elves will keep the Sunscreen Station open between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm daily (Mon - Sat) during the Burn. Elves may arrange their sunscreen hours between that day’s volunteers as they wish, but generally the station will be run in two shifts: 10 am-1 pm and 1 pm-4 pm. Hours can be varied to allow personal planning but a minimum of two Elves should be at the station at any time. Camp Elves will provide sunscreen to any and all their fellow Burners and assist in application where needed. If assistance is provided, personal boundaries (if any) will be observed. Elves should make every effort to have customers park their bicycles in the racks provided and keep bicycles clear of the street. Elves should be familiar with the symptoms of sunstroke and heatstroke and advise citizens to visit EMS or be prepared to contact EMS on their behalf. Information about heat stroke and heat exhaustion is available on the camp website and will be posted in the kitchen. Elves will also continuously monitor the kitchen area to maintain general orderliness and prevent MOOP from appearing. MOOP attracts more MOOP and it is the duty of an Elf to nip it in the bud (Caution: the bite of an Elf, especially in the bud, can be very painful).  A Camp Elf upholds the faerie tradition of aggressively defending the kitchen.  While they are generally helpful and cheerful, they have been known to react badly if the sparkling clean condition of the kitchen area is not maintained. You’ve been warned! Camp Elves serve as the daily representatives of CampSPF to the citizens of Black Rock City. Snark is authorized. Attitude is to be expected.

Kitchen Breakdown Crew (6) — On the final Sunday afternoon, the Kitchen Breakdown Crew will pack up all kitchen equipment and close out the CampSPF kitchen for the duration of the burn. All stoves, tables, utensils, etc will be cleaned and packed into the trailer such that they are immediately useable the following year. Any unauthorized personal items left in the kitchen will be returned to the responsible camper, who will immediately and cheerfully join the Kitchen Breakdown Crew in their cleanup efforts.

Camp Breakdown Crew (all who can participate!) — The Breakdown Crew is the most important (and appreciated) group of volunteers and deserve a thank-you hug from everyone in CampSPF. The Breakdown Crew will assist in breaking down and packing CampSPF. The breakdown activities will be coordinated by the Mayor. Breakdown will start on Sunday and continue on Monday until the camp is fully packed into the trailers. The goal of the Breakdown Crew will be to have the camp fully packed by Monday evening, prior to final MOOP sweep and departure of the remaining crew on early Tuesday morning.

Camp Counselor (7) (appointed by Mayor) — The Camp Counselor will oversee the daily activities of Kitchen Elves, coordinate volunteer assignments, and monitor conditions of the camp each day. The Camp Counselor makes sure that campers are aware of their responsibilities, shifts, and assignments. The Camp Counselor is appointed by the Mayor and will represent him in solving problems that arise around camp and has the authority to act on the Mayor’s behalf. The Camp Counselor exercises ultimate authority over the cleanliness and order of the camp for the entire day of their assignment. If campers are thoughtless in cleaning up any mess they make or do not own their MOOP, the Camp Counselor may assign remedial chores such as MOOP sweeps, clean-up of stoves, mats, etc, as deemed appropriate. The Camp Counselor will discuss repeat offenders with the Mayor, who will likely refer the offender to another camp next year where their behavior will be better appreciated. This position is necessary due to the mental fog that creeps in during the Burn week and because everyone’s brain gets a little bit fried and they maybe sometimes occasionally forget their reverence of the 10 Principles, or their good intentions, or what they volunteered for back in the default world when they were so excited to be going Home!  The Camp Counselors will normally be members of the Breakdown Crew because they really really REALLY don’t want to deal with anybody’s MOOP or kitchen mess when they help pack up the camp.

CampSPF is an awesome camp and your efforts keep it that way!  Every camper is expected to volunteer in doing their part to help our camp run efficiently and MOOP-free. Keep in mind that your inattention or thoughtless actions have the potential to cause more work for a family member you love. They Playa is empty when we arrive and must be empty when we leave. Do your part!