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[If you're interested in joining Camp SPF for the first time, you should go here and read how to do it]


Camp SPF Membership Policy

CampSPF has evolved over time to be a great place to stay during Burning Man.  We are an eclectic and talented group with two things in common:  Our love of Burning Man and our love for our “chosen family”.  In our experience, we’ve found that if camps get to big they tend to fragment and members inevitably become disconnected from each other.  To maintain our sense of family, we’ve chosen to limit our camp size to approximately 45 people.

Membership in Camp SPF is a two-stage process:  acceptance and confirmation.  For new members of the website, please note that being granted access to the Camp SPF website does not automatically indicate acceptance as a camper.


Camp SPF members are accepted each year in the following order:

Priority 1:  Campers from the previous year who volunteered and participated in the camp.  This includes priority acceptance to new or returning campers who volunteer and are chosen as part of the ‘Build Crew’ or ‘Breakdown Crew’. If you can be available for build or breakdown, make sure you let the mayor know as early as possible.

Note:  Campers in Priority 1 will likely receive an email from the Mayor sometime before May to determine their interest/ability to return to the Playa for the upcoming burn.  If you’re at all serious about returning, make sure you respond to the Mayor as soon as possible.

Priority 2:  Campers in good standing from past years who are returning to the playa family.

Priority 3:  New or experienced burners who have not camped with us before but are recommended and sponsored by a current or recent Camp SPF member.

Priority 4:  New campers requesting membership who have good reputations in the burner community (self-reliant and low drama) or apply as a new camper.  New campers are desired to maintain the vitality of our camp culture.  The Mayor will from time to time bring in new members to promote Burning Man acculturation and support radical inclusion.

As noted, members from the previous year will be given the highest priority.  People who have camped with us in the past, but have been absent for one or more years, will be accepted after the previous year’s campers have been counted.  Old friends are highly valued!  After previous campers have been included, the Mayor will start opening up membership to the new members in Priority 3 and Priority 4 around the middle of June or early July of each year to allow new members enough time to plan their burn. 

In all cases, the Mayor will make the ‘tough calls’ regarding membership based on previous camp participation, low drama, and self-reliance.  The Mayor’s decision is final.  If you have special circumstances regarding tickets, dues, or volunteering, contact the Mayor.  He’s not nearly as tough as he looks.


So, you’ve been accepted.  Now what?  How do you get officially confirmed as a camp member?

To be fair to all, the best way to confirm your place in Camp SPF for the current burn is to get your dues in as early as possible after you've been notified of acceptance.  The preferred method of paying dues is via PayPal to the Mayor.  Late payment of dues may result in you losing your priority placement.  Once the Mayor has received your dues, he will place your name on the Confirmed Campers List and you are officially confirmed as a camper for that year.  

Note:  Dues are spent for preparations early in the year and are not refundable.  Dues may be transferred or held for the following year, so contact the Mayor as early as possible if your plans change.


Burn Brightly!