BM 2019 Gate Opens in ...

Welcome to my advice corner - this is just a place I will be dropping off tips n tricks to anyone who is interested. This is purely my opinion and based on first hand experience. I hope you find some use in my ramblings!

Kiri (who loves you)

HAIR: The playa can be truly evil to your hair ladies - that’s why so many cornrow or braid their hair in BRC. If you have really long hair -this is the best solution to avoid losing 6+” after you get home. Playa + Sweat = MUD DREADS - conditioner and patience is the only cure. Camp SPF lead Shiny has had years of success braiding her hair with gorgeous colors to stave off as much damage as possible -she even offers her assistance to the ladies of the camp. Please remember - unless your hair is short or under a hat - it will become sculpture after 10 minutes of playa wind!

EYES: Playa dust is an irritant... in every way possible. If you wear contacts - bring twice as many sets as you think you will need. AND BRING BACKUP GLASSES for when you cannot stand it any longer. Same goes for sunglasses -you should have twice as many pairs as you think because the sun will scorch your eyes after prolonged exposure. I standardly bring 4-6 pair of sunglasses and 2 pair of optical glasses (I don’t bother with contacts). Bring plenty of solution and EYE DROPS -this will save you when you least expect it! Clear eyes or other natural eye lubricant is great to keep with you when you are out in the city, deep playa blindness is no fun.

EARS: Ear care is a biggie that many people do not consider at BRC. Ear plugs are not just for sleeping - they can protect you from the very high sound pressure levels found in sound camps. A bit of care can prevent the need for hearing accessories later in life.

NOSE / SINUSES: Kiri’s recipe for sinuses on playa: Saline Nasal spray + Neosporin + Q-Tips. Blow you nose, Spray your nose til clear, Apply Neosporin with Q-Tip to inside of nasal cavity. Lube up your nose and give the playa something to stick to other than your sensitive mucous membranes. Also - blow your nose often - do not let the playa booger monster take over your face.

LIPS: Use a sunscreen on your lips - the playa is very alkaline and will dry out every part of your body. Protect your smoocher with at least a SPF 30 if possible; keep applying throughout the day for best results. Also - mind the corners of your mouth; most people crack there after 4-5 days at BRC.

FACIAL SKIN: It is hard to stay clean at BRC and taking a few minutes throughout the day to “wipe up” will greatly increase your chances to not scare your neighbors! I cannot say enough good things about Noxema brand wipes - they are perfect for the playa. I use 1 wipe about 3-4 times per day and hand them out to people when I can. I use this on my entire face, neck, ears, cleavage, nose - you name it! They clean you up and leave you tingling and refreshed - just my opinion. Find the method that works for you - keeping the grunge away helps us feel ready for action.

THROAT / VOICE: Honey, lemon, honey, lemon....but your voice will still not like the environment -it’s dry and dusty out at BRC. If you drink tea - bring some with you, if you like Luden’s cherry cough drops -bring a bag. Whatever you do - take care of yourself and remember to HYDRATE! Water, rest and remedy will always help you find your voice again.

BREASTS: Topless - no problem, Pasties - no problem, bra - no problem - Just remember SUNSCREEN! Burned boobies are no fun - remember they are not used to the sun at BRC. Many campers have an all purpose scarf or shawl they keep to shade their “girls” when the sun is high. I am not saying “Cover Up” I am just begging you to lather on the sunscreen - or find a friend to help!

LADY PARTS: So I have mentioned a few times now about the playa and the sun and wind right??? Well, I am the kind of broad that likes to avoid a burnt, playa encrusted coochie. If you go fully nude, please look up “playa foot” and remember how tough your feet are compared to grail :) Panties are considered a must by many of my playa ladies. If you go fully nude - GOOD FOR YOU, Go Girl, I will fully support your decision - but please be careful and consistent with your hygiene. I do not want the playa to follow you home to your local doctor’s office. ALSO - it is common courtesy to bring a “sitting towel” with you when you are going fully nude, this will also help protect your lady bits when out on the town.

MAN PARTS: It is suggested by my trusted man part owners in camp to typically wash down regularly to avoid rashes and the dreaded Monkey Butt. On the playa, a quick wipe down of moving parts with a wet 'n wipe a couple of times a day is refreshing and a daily wash down keeps the worry out of being close. Also baby powder can be your new best friend - cool and soothing.

SHAVING / WAXING: No matter what you do, time it as close as possible to your arrival. Hair happens, some care and others do not. If you plan on shaving on playa - we have a great shower room and benches for your needs. If you shave at BRC -I recommend shaving with lotion or hair conditioner - more lubricant = less dermal distress and irritations. The playa is drying and very alkaline and your skin will thank you for the extra love!

FEET: Ahhhh playa foot - I am so afraid of it and after 9 burns I have avoided it.  I wear boots - almost all the time.  I bring 4 pair of socks to wear per day, 2 in AM, 2 in PM. I clean, lotion and re-sock my feet 2 times per day. Some folks swear by a mild vinegar rinse and Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap ⯑ others say lemon juice is their secret weapon! Whatever you use - make sure it will counter the alkaline playa. I bring sandals for when my feet are killing me and when showering - but this is 10% at most. Bring moleskin, blister care, foot lotion, neosporin and bandaids - better to have than not. If your feet hurt - REST THEM, pamper them, take care of them because they will get worse as the week rolls on. Bring the most comfy shoes you have - you will walk your feet off at BRC. If you must be fashionably tall - wear platforms so you can actually walk on the playa; leave the stilettos at home! Remember - no one at Burning Man is looking at your shoes....we aim higher than that!!

SEX: Sex is goood, sex is great, sex is amazing. Consent is the first rule - look it up if you are not aware -NO MEANS NO. Many of us prefer the positive "yes means yes", i.e., anything else should be taken as no. If you meet the right person at BRC, you may want to get your groove on (which is great!) Before you lose your head - have a grown up conversation with this person. Make sure you are not opening yourself up to a lifetime of pain. I cannot say enough about birth control and prevention of STDs - stay safe, protect yourself, have a smart and amazing time. Do not expect your partner to be protected - this is your job as an adult - bring your own method to the table so you can ensure your own safe and memorable times!

WALK OR ROLL: Walk or Bike your way across BRC? Walking requires great shoes and foot care (see above). If going out for a walk - bring your camelback and a snack - you should have a walking around bag or pack to keep you when out of camp. Walking is the best way to meet your neighborhood and get your bearings in BRC. Biking - I feel a bike is a must have on playa if you want to really see as much of the city as possible. I also think that you need a comfy ride, the biggest seat possible on said bike and the ability to carry extras when traveling. I always have extra water, a snack and toilet paper in my bike -just in case! Don’t forget - no matter if you are walking or biking at night - you NEED lights - for realz - do not get smooshed out there.

LAST WORDS: Please post your tips, tricks and ideas about these subjects - I want to hear more voices and any questions you have. Let’s get ready to BURN!!!