BM 2019 Gate Opens in ...


What does CampSPF have to offer?


Your Playa family – ‘nuff said

BMORG Placement − know your camp address in advance

Shade structure for tents – 10'x10' shade cubes, total 4000+ sq feet (and growing!) with flags and fabric decorations

Water – up to 10 Gallons of potable water is included in your dues

Grey water disposal – Disposal of up to 5 gallons of grey water (depending on the ability to contract services on playa)

28' Shade Dome – decorations, seating, bar, stage w/ stripper pole, audio, lighting

Sunscreen Station – 10’x 20’ carport, 5+ gallons of healthful sunscreen for you and the citizens of BRC

Kitchen – prep tables, three Camp Chef cookstoves (one with a griddle), propane, pots/pans/utensils/cutting boards/etc, assorted spices, lighting for night time snacks.  Available on a cooperative basis 24/7.

Shower Enclosure – private enclosures (10’ x 10’) open to the sky, small swimming pool for graywater collection (you still own it!), and changing bench.  You provide your own water and solar shower bag.

Bar − Event booze, camp bar, small audio system, small lighting system

Miscellaneous – Generator/Battery Power (for camp infrastructure, only incidental charging private use), decorative lighting, chill space, Bike Racks, Sunscreen Station Signage, Sunscreen Belts, Camp  Mailbox, Kommunication Kiosk, Front Porch Furniture, privacy, and security provided by fellow camp members 

Ice Runs - Volunteers make a daily ice run to Artica for the camp.  Bring one dollar bills to buy ice (typically $4 a bag)

Minor bicycle tune ups and repairs -- Help available to keep your bicycle in shape for the playa

Private Porto-potties -  Depending on location, we sometimes rent a private portos for camp use.  Not guaranteed every year!


What we do not offer:

- Formal Meal Plan (volunteer meals/group meals/sharing may be available)

- Support for personal drama or selfish behavior

- Tolerance for people who moop the camp or the playa

- Support for camp surfers, spectators, or those who do not participate in interactivity



                                                     Photo by Woodstock