BM 2019 Gate Opens in ...


What we need from you!


NO DRAMA - Don't create drama.  Don't spread drama.  Nope, not in this camp.

Volunteers! – CampSPF is a Sherpa-free zone!  Check the Main Menu for a description of volunteer positions at CampSPF.

Open Minds – Open, honest, and considerate interaction with the Playa Community and fellow camp members.

Participation – Join in and be a part of making CampSPF awesome!  Volunteer!  Sing!  Dance!  Cook something!  Special love for those who help set up and break down!

Ideas – How can we make CampSPF even better?  How can we improve your burn experience?

Camp Dues – CampSPF is supported by your contributions.  Your dues are needed by June 1st of each year.


             Volunteer Breakfast Chef

                                                                         Photo by Photosheik