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306 Days,

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BM 2019 Camp Fees are $200 for first time campers and $150 for returning SPF veterans and are needed by June 1st to support this year’s camp.

Camp SPF operates on your dues and donations alone. Camp items such as shade structure, water, the camp kitchen, shower, dome, lighting, transportation, storage, etc. are purchased and supported by your dues.  Dues are quickly spent on camp support for the year, so refunds should not be expected. If you have paid your dues and are unable to attend, your dues may be transferred to another camper or held on account for the following year. Contact Thunderhawk for any special circumstances regarding your dues. If you’d like to add an additional amount ot your dues as a donation it will help improve CampSPF’s infrastructure!

Please Note!

New Members will be accepted after June 1st, so pay early to avoid losing your reserved place. After you pay your dues, your name will appear on the Confirmed Campers list. We cap our population at 45 people so get on the list soon! You can pay your camp dues using PayPal (preferred). If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can open one for free. Contact Thunderhawk if you need to pay by other means.


To use PayPal, click on the image below and choose "Send" from the top menu, and chose 'Send to friends and family..." on the next page.  Thunderhawk's  email address is thunderhawkburner71@gmail.comThe amount should be $200 for new SPFers and $150 for SPF vets.